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The Uniform Polo for You

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Terry-607-Polo Shirt Mens Terry-607-Polo Shirt Mens Terry-607-Mango Polo Shirt Mens Terry-607-Pineapple Polo Shirt Mens
Terry-607-Fennel Polo Shirt Mens Terry-607-Storm Blue Polo Shirt Mens Terry-607-Polo Shirt Mens Terry-607-Polo Shirt Mens
Terry-607-Basil Polo Shirt Mens Terry-607-Polo Shirt Mens Jody-613-Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Polo Shirt Womens
Jody-613-Cocoa Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Khaki Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Basil Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Storm Blue Polo Shirt Womens
Jody-613-Cinnamon Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Black Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Fennel Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Pineapple Yellow Polo Shirt Womens
Jody-613-Blue Corn Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Rocket Red Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Navy Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Dill Polo Shirt Womens
Jody-613-Lemon Zest Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Mulberry Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Purple Haze Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Blue Oyster Polo Shirt Womens
Jody-613-Porcelain White Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Royal Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Aqua Polo Shirt Womens Max-iD0669-Pocket Polo Shirt
Dessi-685-Jacquard Polo Monty-686-Polo Short Sleeve Monty-686-Polo Short Sleeve Monty-686-Cinnamon Polo
Coed Heather Twist Polo
Your Price: $4.99
Monty-686-Polo Short Sleeve Monty-686-Polo Short Sleeve
Coed Heather Twist Polo
Your Price: $4.99
Coed Heather Twist Polo
Your Price: $4.99

Uniform Polo Shirts

Casual Yet Professional
iD by Landau is known for its quality uniforms for service industries. You want your employees to look friendly and accessible to your customers, and our uniform polo shirts can help achieve that goal. The collared style looks more professional than a tee shirt, but the soft fabric gives off an approachable, casual air.

Fit Matters
One of the most important factors in making clothing look good is fit. No matter how nice a garment is, if it is too big or too small your employee will not look good. For that reason we offer several styles of uniform polo shirts. Our coed styles are suitable for either gender and provide a relaxed look. We also have several styles that are designed specifically for the female form with slightly contoured side seams. We carry a full range of sizes so that your employees will look neat no matter what their size.

Color is Key
Color is another important factor in your uniforms. Our clothing comes in four coordinated color stories that can be mixed and matched so your employees look good without looking like clones. Our uniform polo shirts don’t come only in solids. We have shirts with contrasting trim on the collars and sleeves as well as ones with different color collars. We also have shirts with either horizontal or vertical stripes to add some visual interest. Whatever color combinations you pick, we can embroider you company’s logo onto your uniform polo shirts so your customers can easily recognize your staff.

Look Good, Feel Good
We want your employees to be comfortable. It is easier to do your job if you are not constantly distracted by stiff fabric or scratchy clothing. Our shirts come in a fabric blend that is soft and easy to take care of. We offer many styles that are tagless so your employees won’t be bothered by neck labels.

Our uniform polo shirts are a great value and our many ordering options make it easy to have your staff looking fantastic.