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iD by Landau’s spa uniforms - for busy spas and the employees they outfit

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Terry-607-Polo Shirt Mens Terry-607-Polo Shirt Mens Terry-607-Mango Polo Shirt Mens Terry-607-Pineapple Polo Shirt Mens
Terry-607-Fennel Polo Shirt Mens Terry-607-Storm Blue Polo Shirt Mens Terry-607-Polo Shirt Mens Terry-607-Polo Shirt Mens
Terry-607-Basil Polo Shirt Mens Terry-607-Polo Shirt Mens Jody-613-Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Polo Shirt Womens
Jody-613-Cocoa Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Khaki Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Basil Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Storm Blue Polo Shirt Womens
Jody-613-Cinnamon Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Black Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Fennel Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Pineapple Yellow Polo Shirt Womens
Jody-613-Blue Corn Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Rocket Red Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Navy Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Dill Polo Shirt Womens
Jody-613-Lemon Zest Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Mulberry Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Purple Haze Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Blue Oyster Polo Shirt Womens
Jody-613-Porcelain White Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Royal Polo Shirt Womens Jody-613-Aqua Polo Shirt Womens Max-iD0669-Pocket Polo Shirt
Dessi-685-Jacquard Polo Monty-686-Polo Short Sleeve Monty-686-Polo Short Sleeve Monty-686-Cinnamon Polo
Coed Heather Twist Polo
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Monty-686-Polo Short Sleeve Monty-686-Polo Short Sleeve Kris-0932-Unisex Camp Shirts Emmett-iD1518-Housekeeper Uniform Shirt
Coed Heather Twist Polo
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Coed Heather Twist Polo
Your Price: $4.99
Housekeeper Uniform Shirt
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Sam-iD0623-Mens Uniform Shirts Sam-iD0623-CN-Mens Uniform Shirts Corey-iD1245-Mens Uniform Shirts Sam-iD0622-Mens Button Down Shirts
Sam-iD0622-Mens Black Button Down Shirts Sam-iD0622-Mens Blue Corn Button Down Shirts Sam-iD0622-Mens Mulberry Button Down Shirts Sam-iD0622-Mens Basil Button Down Shirts

Spa Uniforms

The two most important aspects of a spa are its employees and its setting. The employees actually do double duty because they provide the necessary service, and they are also part of the setting. An employee’s appearance can enhance the experience for a client if that employee is tastefully dressed and able to do his or her job without worrying about the spa’s uniform. Thus, a spa uniform also does double duty. They are required to be comfortable for the employees so he or she can efficiently work, and they should be neat in appearance for the client to help the client relax and enjoy the spa experience.

Good spa uniforms are:

  • Appealing
  • Relaxing to the client
  • Crafted with quality
  • Able to freely flow with the employee’s movement
  • Comfortable

iD by Landau uniforms fit these requirements. Spa uniforms sold by iD by Landau are purchased because they help spas:

  • create peaceful settings
  • comfortably out fit their employees
  • control their budget
  • outfit employees in quality apparel

By offering different selections iD by Landau is appealing to its customers. Our comfortable spa uniforms are available in different varieties that can be mixed and matched. The color varieties we offer also vary allowing spas to use uniforms to enhance the setting during different times of the year. Variety is important, and our spa uniforms help spas provide the right amount of relaxation through the use of different spa uniforms.

After reviewing our well rounded spa uniform selections, we are confident you will find the spa uniforms your spa and its employees want. iD by Landau is a leader in the sale of uniforms because we have earned the trust of spas and other business that require uniforms.