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Black aprons matter. Our aprons can make all events “black tie”.

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Frisco-253-Bistro Apron Frisco-253-Bistro Apron Maine-247-Waist Apron Maine-247-Waist Apron
One Pocket Bistro Apron
Base Price: $7.24
One Pocket Bistro Apron
Base Price: $7.24
Pocket Waist Apron
Your Price: $3.50
Pocket Waist Apron
Base Price: $4.49
Sierra-248-Personalized Aprons Dakota-0249-Cook Apron Dakota-0249-Cook Apron Balboa-13001-RedLong Server Apron
Two Pocket Bib Apron
Base Price: $7.49
No Pocket Bib Apron
Base Price: $7.24
No Pocket Cocoa Bib Apron
Your Price: $4.50
Paris-263-White V-Neck Bakery Apron Reno-iDF66L-Nylon Apron
Nylon Bib Apron
Base Price: $11.49

Black Apron

  • Is your company about to cater a large, black tie event?
  • Are you involved in a small, intimate affair where only the best attire will do?
  • Do you need a place to get some great-looking black aprons without breaking the budget?
We have the perfect black tuxedo apron that will have your staff feel like they are dressed to the nines. We understand your clients want to maintain a night of romance and illusion. You can create an intimate affair where you staff stand out by blending in while using quality black aprons. We have the perfect “little” black apron for just that night. Service will be the best that night when you outfit your team in a durable, stain-resistant black apron that will last through the night.

We know the service industry. In this industry, sometimes service does not always come in the form of simply offering what is on the menu. Sometimes, service comes from adding to the professionalism of the evening. That added touch can come from a simple, yet functional, black apron. As always, our black aprons are made with 35% cotton twill and 65% polyester. They come with pockets for function and 7.0 oz twill for durability. The black apron will stay black as long as you need them to with this kind of craftsmanship. So, go ahead and make the night magical. Again you can get the perfect look for your company by adding your logo. Get the right look. Get the right black apron. Everything else will be easy. From an elegant black tuxedo apron to a simple pocket black bistro apron, we have what people want for your customer’s special night. You can find all of these black aprons online at iD by Landau. Combining function and elegance is easy when you add the right touch.