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Retail Stores and Home Services

Identify your team with embroidered polos, textured knits, camp shirts, and woven shirts available in a wide range of colors and styles. Our feminine fit options are a hit with female associates, and our expansive size range allows you to fit everyone with our corporate apparel.

iD by Landau® color solutions allow a coordinated look for corporate wear when outfitting multiple job levels and functions.

iD by Landau® offers unique uniform sweaters, and fleece jackets: options that can be used for recognition and incentive gifts.

Foodservices and Dietary

A great presentation is easy with iD by Landau® culinary coats, chef apparel, cooks shirts, dietary uniforms and chef hats. We heard your plea for 3 division instrument pockets, and added those and other features to please everyone who wear restaurant uniforms.

iD by Landau® offers the classic houndstooth check for chef pants and trim-outs for culinary shirts with a bleach-resistant fabric allowing your staff to keep that clean classic look longer.

iD by Landau® helps you outfit a diverse staff by offering coed sizes from XXS through 5XL. Women appreciate our feminine fit chef coats, available sizes XSM through 4XL.

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Resorts and Spas

Create a polished, professional uniform program with iD by Landau®. From front of house to room services, we offer tailored jackets, logo wear, casual shirts and uniform pants. Our four color stories makes it easy for you to coordinate a cohesive look.

The Citrus Twist color solution is bright and inviting, perfect for spa blouses and masseuse shirts. The Vibrant solution is eye-catching for those who want to be noticed; great for hospitality uniforms and security shirts. The Sun Baked color solution is well suited for reception areas in tailored uniforms. The Classic color story, so basic you?ll find them in all product categories; polo shirts, woven shirts, work wear, housekeeping uniforms and kitchen aprons.