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Quality hotels looking for housekeeping uniforms look to iD by Landau.

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Kris-0932-Unisex Camp Shirts Emmett-iD1518-Housekeeper Uniform Shirt Molly-5516-Womens Uniform Pants Lucy-5511-Uniform Pants Women
Housekeeper Uniform Shirt
Your Price: $4.99
Murray-5016-Uniform Trousers Nicole-8381-Maid Uniforms Nicole-8381-Maid Tops Nicole-8381-Maid Uniforms
Mens Flat Front Work Pant
Base Price: $17.49
Womens Zipper Front Top
Base Price: $14.24
Nicole-8381-Navy Maid Uniforms Nicole-8381-Cocoa Maid Uniforms Nicole-8381-Blue Maid Uniforms Nicole-8381-Maid Uniforms
Tia-8382-Maid Uniform Maggie-8165-Housekeeping Uniform Claire-8168-Housekeeping Top Vicki-NHC8403-Housekeeping Vest
Womens Empire Tunic
Your Price: $4.99
Vicki-NHC8403-Housekeeping Vest Tia-8382-Maid Uniform Becky-8112-Housekeeping Uniform Becky-8112-Housekeeping Uniform
Womens Empire Tunic
Your Price: $4.99
Womens Snap Front Tunic
Base Price: $13.74
Becky-8112-Housekeeping Uniform Becky-8112-BCP-Housekeeping Uniform Becky-8112-BGP-Housekeeping Uniform Becky-8112-Housekeeping Uniform
Womens Snap Front Tunic
Base Price: $13.74
Womens Snap Front Tunic
Base Price: $13.74
Brad-7569-Mens Black Work Shirt Brad-7569-Mens Work Shirt Brad-7569-Mens Work Shirt Brad-7569-Mens Work Shirt
Bonnie-8001-Maternity Work Wear Angelina-8530-Maternity Uniform Pants Amber-5512-Poplin Pant
Adjustable Maternity Pant
Base Price: $13.99
Womens Cuffed Pant
Base Price: $12.99

Housekeeping Uniforms

Image is what counts in the hospitality business. The signs need to welcome people in; the front entrance and lobby need to be appealing and smartly furnished, the rooms need to be fashionably decorated, and the employees need to look like one unit – uniform. At iD by Landau we understand that you are looking for crisp housekeeping uniforms that are appealing to the customers, made with quality, and comfortable for your employees. Customers come back and stay at a hotel if they feel they have been given exceptional service, and your employees will be able to give that quality image right away by wearing uniforms provided by iD by Landau.

Because we offer a large variety of hotel uniforms, we can outfit your entire staff in different styles of clothing, but have them still looking as one unit. This means that the housekeeping staff can wear comfortable tunics and the bellhops can wear mock turtle necks; thus, both groups are properly outfitted but still play for the same team – yours. Our awesome variety of housekeeping uniforms include:

  • EVS_Shirts
  • Polos
  • Blouses